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Pop Up Master

Joomla Pop Up is the most powerful communication extension ever! Show any kind of messages with several different triggers!

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Pop Up Master Features

Easy Installation and Configuration Each Parameter well-explained, all you need to do is rolling your mouse over the parameter title.

100% Responsive - Tested on Mobile Devices

Default Themes

3 Main Themes - that can be increased to millions! All depends on your imagination!

Full Page
Box over the page
Optin Form

Unlimited Design Options

You may create thousands of pop up designs by editing the module parameters! Colors, positions are all editable.

In the same time you may add your own custom css and javascript code and create the layouts you desire

Whenever you need help, just ask at out support.  You may also use the previously created designs from us!
If you have any requests for any design just ask us!

Multiple Pop Ups

You can create multiple pop ups at the same page!

Trigger Events

Show message after some seconds of page load
Show message when user clicked an HTML Element
Show Message when users mouse over an HTML Element

Session Cookie Options

You may set session cookies to prevent to show the same pop up multiple times in the same session! Session cookies are expired when visitor close the browser.

Visit Cookie Options

Visit Cookies

Show popup only at some pre-defined number of visits, more, less, equal and more or equal or less.

Lets say you want to show a pop up message when a visitor come to the same page 3 times. Set Visit Cookie to YES,  Visit Count 3 and Revisit Show Logic to Equal. Now you are able to show your message to a visitor when visiting the page 3rd time. 

Visit Cookie Expire is also defined by you. You can set to Visit cookie expire to define when this cookie will be expired 

User - Users - User Group or User Groups

You may show popups to a user group or multiple user groups

You may also show to only a single user or multiple users!

Lets say you want to show a message only to your Customers Group or to only Users x,y and z then simply define this at users section in pop up parameters.

Pop Up Positions

You may deifne any pop up position on the page - TopRight, TopLeft, BottomRight, BottomLeft, MiddleRight, MiddleLeft, Center or any other position!
Any Color and 10 Levels of Opacity for the Overlay!
Custom HTML for Inner Content 
Custom HTML for sending - success events!
Optin Form with many options

+80 In & Out Animations

Custom CSS to create custom animations

Sound Effects

You can add any sound effects! Just upload sound file you want to play when pop up is opening and set sound animation to yes and select the sound file

Amazing Optin Form Options

Save Emails to Custom Component in to different List Levels!
Export Emails as .csv
Attach Files and send email to subscribers! - That is new at Joomla! An Amazing Marketer Technique!
Send Custom Emails to Subscribers!
Show Custom Messages to Subscribers

Send Email Responses

Send email response to subscribers

Add Attachments

Add attachments at email response to subscribers

Save emails / leads to Database

When you create a popup as an optin form, you can save the email to the selected list.

You can create Email Lists at Component Pop Up Master and save emails to the selected lists! Pop Up Master Features

Manage emails / leads

You can manage Emails at Component Pop Up Master. and save emails to the selected lists!

Manage emails, view the submitted url, ip address, date submitted at email / lead detail page.

Pop Up Master Features

Export Emails / leads

Export emails by using the filters! You can export Emails at Component Pop Up Master - Export Manager and Download the CSV File by different filters.Pop Up Master Features


You can create campaigns for each pop up instance and get the campaign data, stats to view the performance and compare the campaigns!

You can view Campaigns' performances Component - Campaign Stats Pop Up Master Features


You can view all campaigns performances and campaign states all together or detailed for each campaign Campaigns' performances at Component - Campaign Stats Pop Up Master Features


You can view a single campaign's performancePop Up Master Features


You can compare campaign performances!

This is extremely important, you can create several campaign instances for the same page and view the performances and decide for the best one! Pop Up Master Features

Pop Up Master is released on 12 March 2017
Last Update made on 26 April 2017
Current Version is 1.0.3

Version History

Current Version 1.0.3

Change Log

Version 1.0.3

  • Component - Campaing List View
  • Component - Campaing Detail View
  • Component - Campaing Comparison with Charts / Graphics
  • Component - Campaings A/B Testing Added
  • Component - Export Manager with Filters added
  • Module - Campaign Section Added
  • Module - Campaign Show Tracker Added
  • Module - Campaign Clicks Tracker Added
  • Module - Extra JS Code parameter added
  • Module - remove at close added

Version 1.0.2

  • Little issue fix - array()

Version 1.0.1

  • Initial Release

If you have a pre-sales question or a wish about Pop Up Master you may leave your comment here.

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14 Mar 2017 - 20:46
May i really show popup to a single user?
14 Mar 2017 - 20:47


100% you can do that!

You can create module instances per user, multiple users, user group or multiple user groups!

Your message will be shown only to selected user, users, user group or groups!

That is it!

100% very easy to configure!

If you confuse when you configure it, please contact me and i help you to configure! No stress, it is easy!

We reply support questions at our Support Base, support questions are replied latest in 48 Hours.

If you purchased a Premium Support , you will get Support Priority and your request will answered Latest in 2 Hours.

Go to Support Board


  1. Unzip the extension Pop Up Master package you received from us.
  2. Go to your site's /administrator area, at horizontal menu click Extensions > Manage > Install
  3. You will see the tabs at the middle of the page, click to Upload Package File
  4. at Extension package file area click to Select File and browse UNZIPFIRST_popupmaster.zip file.
  5. After selecting the package click to Upload & Install button
  6. If Pop Up Master is installed successfully, you will see a success message and extension description.
  7. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask at Support Base



All parameters are explained very clearly at {extension} manager.

All you need to do:

  • Go to your site /administrator
  • At horizontal menu click to Extensions > {extension_type}s
  • Search for {extension_title}
  • Click {extension_title} and Open the extension
  • Roll your mouse over the parameter title
  • You will see the Parameter Title and underneath the Parameter Title

    Parameter Description

If you have any question please do not hesitate to create a support request and asking the developer


Language Files

English, Deutsch, Português, Türkçe language files are available in the installation package.

Custom Work

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We are ready to make custom work

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  • Payment Options
Extension Type
Module, Component
Joomla 3
Uses Updater
PHP 7+
12 March 2017
Last Updated
26 April 2017
Current Version
Mobile Test
100% Responsive
Tested Browsers
IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
Well Documented, Each parameter explained clearly
Language Files
English, Deutsch, Português, Türkçe

Developer : Burak
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