Registration HTML Email

Registration HTML Email

Customize Joomla Registration, Activation, Username Reminder and Password Reset Emails!
Forget the boring Joomla! Emails!

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Registration HTML Email Features

Send Customized HTML Emails with Customized Subjects

Personalizing and beautifying your emails will bring you credibility and help you improving your business 

Send after Registration

Send Custom HTML Emails to New registered Users

Send at Username Remind

Send Custom HTML Emails when a user requested username reminder

Send at Password Reset

Send Custom HTML Emails when a user requested password reset

Send when admin created a new account

Send Custom HTML Emails when an admin created a new account at Administrator -> User Manager

Send Notification to Admins

When a new user is registered, send custom html emails to admin with new registered user's information

Attach Files to Custom HTML Emails

You can attach files, for example, discount coupons, user guides or anything you want to send to newly registered users! use the advantage of attaching files easily!

use Replacers to customize your emails easily!

At plugin backend you will find a list of replacers. Replacers helps you personalizing your custom html emails!

Multi Language

you can send HTML emails at any language!!!!

Registration HTML Email is released on 10 April 2017
Last Update made on 05 June 2017
Current Version is 1.0.5

Version History

Version 1.0.5

  • Multi language setup
  • You can send custom html emails at your site members preferred language
  • Better interface to understand the setup
  • Dutch Language Files addedSpecial Thanks to Jip Jonker Web Design Company at Zwolle
  • Fix about regular email sending fixed

Version 1.0.4

  • Send Custom Emails when a new user created at administrator - user manager
  • New Replacer : {groupname} User Group(s) Information of newly added user
  • New Replacer : {adminname} Admin's Name Information
  • Well Organized Set Up Information and Replacers at Plugin Backend
  • Notes to help you at plugin setup added above the fields
  • Special Thanks to Jip Jonker Web Design Company at Zwolle and Franco Peita from Italy for helping me to make this extension better with their suggestions!

Version 1.0.3

  • Send Custom Emails with custom subject to Admins
  • Send New registered Users Name, Last Name, Email and Group to Admin

Version 1.0.2

  • You can add attachments to emails

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial Release

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26 May 2017 - 12:20
Hi, With the new release of Joomla (3.7.2) there was adding additional fields. If I were to add users to myself, you can customize the email by pointing: Username Password Additional field And customizing the message with ad hoc text and with a link to a specific page? Example: In my case, I place my clients pointing to the values for Name, Username, Password, Email, Additional Field (which would be their customer code) and I would like them to receive an email with the indicated Username, Password, Additional Field and an ad hoc message that Notify them of the registration on the site and that accessing will have the chance to get a special discount. This by entering a link that clicked them forward to a specific page. I hope I'm well explained, and I apologize for my bad English. Franco
26 May 2017 - 12:24
Hi Franco, i understood the question. I am also working on the additional fields and in the same time making the the Plugin Much better. How is it on your site? I will be very glad to make it working for your site. In the same time i am planning to upgrade this plugin in a week, but i can do customization for you firstly. Thanks for informing about the new custom fields. Please contact me via after purchasing and i will care for your site customization of the plugin immediately.
12 Apr 2017 - 05:11
Kristin Fischer
hi, before i purchase, I wanted ask if i can add any html code to the body section of the email thanks
12 Apr 2017 - 05:11

hi Kristin, you can add same as you add to any newsletter service provide. You can not inject scripts or server side code but you are allowed to add your html and styles.

I sent to you a sample html, please check your email attachment.

All the best.

We reply support questions at our Support Base, support questions are replied latest in 48 Hours.

If you purchased a Premium Support , you will get Support Priority and your request will answered Latest in 2 Hours.

Go to Support Board


  1. Go to your site's /administrator area, at horizontal menu click Extensions > Manage > Install
  2. You will see the tabs at the middle of the page, click to Upload Package File
  3. at Extension package file area click to Select File and browse plg_system_registrationhtmlemail file.
  4. After selecting the package click to Upload & Install button
  5. If Registration HTML Email Master is installed successfully, you will see a success message and extension description.
  6. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask at Support Base


There are 4 main tabs:

  • After Registration
  • Username Reminder
  • Password Reset
  • Admin Registration

Each tab will let you to configure the :

  • Subject of the HTML email
  • HTML Email Body
  • File Attachments ( optional )

Email Subject

You can use email emojis at subject line and personalize the subject line with member name or member username

For emojis you may have a look here:

You can use the re-placers to  put system default data:

  • {name} = Your site member Name will be placed instead
  • {username} = Your site member UserName will be placed instead
  • {password} = Your site member Password will be placed instead
  • {groupname} = Members Group Name will be placed instead
  • {siteurl} = Your site URL will be placed instead
  • {sitename} = Your site name will be placed instead
  • {activatelink} = Activation link, site login, reset url will be placed instead
  • {token} = Activation token url will be placed instead
  • {adminname} =Name of the Admin - when sending notification to admin only



All parameters are explained very clearly at {extension} manager.

All you need to do:

  • Go to your site /administrator
  • At horizontal menu click to Extensions > Plugins
  • Search for Registration HTML Email Master
  • Click Registration HTML Email Master and Open the extension
  • Roll your mouse over the parameter title
  • You will see the Parameter Title and underneath the Parameter Title

    Parameter Description

If you have any question please do not hesitate to create a support request and asking the developer


Language Files

English, Dutch language files are available in the installation package.

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Extension Type
Joomla 3
Uses Updater
PHP 7+
10 April 2017
Last Updated
05 June 2017
Current Version
Well Documented, Each parameter explained clearly
Language Files
English, Dutch

Developer : Burak
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