We provide 2 types of Extensions. 

  • Free Joomla Extensions
  • Premium Joomla Extensions.

For downloading any kind of extension that we provide, you need to have a free account.

You may create your account by visiting the Create an Account page. after creating your account you may login to our website and then start downloading your extensions.

How to download a Free Joomla Extension

First of of you must create a free account to download. After login to Extensionbase.com, visit the extension page. On the right corner of the extension detail page, you will see a box with title Free Download. 

In the Free Donwload box there is a button, Send Me Now. Click the button and you will receive the extension to the email address that you use when you are registering to extensionbase.

IMPORTANT: Free extensions are sent to your email address as an attachment. For that reason it is critically important that you use a valid email address.

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