ExtensionBase's basePWA is a Joomla component for converting your website into Progressive Web App (PWA) to deliver an app-like user experience to your mobile visitors.

basePWA - Progressive Web App for Joomla

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Start by Downloading the basePWA Joomla component to your computer.

Once downloaded, use Joomla's extension manager to install the basePWA module:

  • Log in to your Joomla administrator,
  • From the top menu, navigate to Extensions -> Manage -> Install,
  • Select the tab Upload Package File. Using the installer, browse to the file pkg_basePWA-vX.Y.Z.zip. This will complete the installation proces,
  • If installed successfully, you will see an installation success message.

Once installed, you can start configuring the Joomla Progressive Web App.


Use the component settings to configure the basePWA.

Once logged in your administrator, select Component -> Progressive Web App (PWA) from the top menu.

Enable "Add to Home Screen" prompt message

To display the "Add to Home Screen" prompt message on a mobile devices, you will need to configure the following at minimum:

Set Application Name, Application Short Name, App Display Type and upload a 192x192px PNG file.

Set "Enable Add to Homescreen" to "Yes"

Please be aware that enabling the component will overwrite the existing manifest.json file in the root folder of your website.

Change how your application loads

To configure the way your application loads from the user's home screen, you will need to set the splash screen background color and add animated GIF.

Use the Splash Screen tab from the component settings

Set the "Splash Screen" to "Yes"

Set a background color, Type and upload an animated GIF file.