Set up

This plugin helps you to send customized emails in the following scenarios:
  • when a new user registers at front-end.
  • when a user requests password reset.
  • when a user requests username remind.
  • when an admin creates a new user at user manager.
The plugin sends custom html email notifications to admins
  • When a new user is registered at front-end.

Parameters & Notes

Hovering over a field's label with the mouse cursor will show a popup with documentation and description. 

Multi Language Set up

You can set up custom html emails for each language. When a new user is registered, the preferred language will be used to send the email.

How to set up multi language

After setting the default email, you must set up Multi Language option to 'Yes' and enter new emails subject and bodies for each frontend language of your site.
For example, your site languages are NL-nl and EN-gb, and default is NL-nl, then you set primary email in NL and then set the multi language option to 'Yes' and enter the new language options.


Placeholders are strings which are used to put system data in your custom html email body and subject. 
Please find below the list of available placeholders that you can use in the email templates:
  • {name} : The name of the User.
  • {username} : User's Username will be placed instead.
  • {password} : User's Password will be placed instead. It is not recommended to send the password to a user by email due to security risks.
  • {groupname} : User's Group Name will be placed instead.
  • {siteurl} : Site URL will be placed instead.
  • {sitename} : Site name will be placed instead.
  • {activatelink} : Activation link, site login or the reset url will be placed instead.
  • {token} : Activation token url will be placed instead.
  • {adminname} : Name of the Admin - when sending notification to admin only.