Registration HTML Email provides your users with rich text email messages during the registration process.

The Registration HTML Email plugin helps you to send customized emails when:

  • A new user registers at front-end,
  • A user requests password reset,
  • A user requests username remind,
  • when an admin creates a new user at user manager.

The Registration HTML Email plugin sends custom html email notifications to admins when a new user is registered at front-end.

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Download the Registration HTML Email Joomla plugin to your computer.

Once downloaded, use Joomla's extension manager to install the Registration HTML Email plugin:

  • Log in to your Joomla administrator,
  • From the top menu, navigate to Extensions -> Manage -> Install,
  • Select the tab Upload Package File. Using the installer, browse to the file This will complete the installation proces,
  • If installed successfully, you will see an installation success message.

Once installed, you can start configuring Registration HTML Email.


Use Joomla's plugin manager to configure Registration HTML Email.

Once logged in your Joomla administrator, select Extensions -> Plugins from the top menu. Registration HTML Email is a System plugin so you can filter by type to find it.

Sending a customized HTML message

Emails can be customized by clicking on one of the following tabs and specifying your own message:

  • Front-end registration; when a user first registers on your web site,
  • Username reminder; when a user has forgotten their username and needs it resent,
  • Password reset; when a user needs to reset their password,
  • Back-end registration; when a user is registered via the User Manager,
  • Notify admins; when an event occurs which triggers the sending of a message to all users in the Administrators group.

To activate any of the above email options, select Yes for Activate.

Once activated, specify a subject and body for your email message. The body of your message can use HTML to improve formatting and layout.

Custom placeholders

Placeholders are strings which are used to add dynamic, user-specific data in your custom HTML email body and subject.

Below is a list of available placeholders that you can use in the email templates:

  • {name} The name of the user,
  • {username} User's Username will be placed instead,
  • {password} User's Password will be placed instead. It is not recommended
    passwords are sent to a user by email due to security risks,
  • {groupname} The Name of the group the users belongs to,
  • {siteurl} The site's URL,
  • {sitename} The site name,
  • {activatelink} An activation link, site login or the reset url depending on the message being sent,
  • {token} Activation token url,
  • {adminname} Name of the Admin (when sending notification to admin only).

You can see an example of a customized message below:

Once finished, Save & Close.

Sending messages in different languages

You can also customize messages in various languages.

First, enable multi-lingual support by selecting Yes for Multi Language.

Once enabled, click the + button to add a new translation.

Select the language the message is written in along with the translated title and body.

Save & Close.