How to Make a Template Override for a Joomla Module

 Joomla modules have a view fille. Most of the joomla extensions are using default.php in the /tmpl folder. Just keep on mind. Your module may have several views and you must find the exactly the correct view file.

Lets say, you want to customize Joomla's default login module: mod_login

If you have a look at /tmpl folder you will see 2 different files. default_logout.php and default.php . That means that module has 2 different views. One of that files is functional for logout  and the other one is for login.

Steps to make Template Override for a Joomla Module

Now all you need to do is:

  • check your template folders e.g. if your template name is mytemplate, then check /templates/mytemplate and assure that there is a folder called /html
  • If folder /html is not exist in your templates folder ( /templates/mytemplate ) create /html folder
  • Now you are ready for template override
  • Create a new folder in your templates /html folder for the module mod_login
  • now you have /templates/mytemplate/html/mod_login folder ready.
  • Move /tmpl folder of mod_login in to /templates/mytemplate/html/mod_login
  • Now you can edit / customize /templates/mytemplate/html/mod_login/default.php and /templates/mytemplate/html/mod_login/default_logout.php

This is same procedure for every module. Your module view files must be in your templates /html folder, inside the folder name exactly same like your module.