How to Make a Template Override for a Joomla Plugin

Template overrides for Joomla plugins are available only if plugin has a /tmpl folder for the plugin's view.

You can check if your plugin has a /tmpl folder in /plugin/plugin_group/plugin_folder

plugin_group is depended on the plugin you are using. It can be several different groups. You may check this by visiting the plugins .xml manifest file at 2nd line by reading the group value.

plugin_folder means the plugin name you are using.

At Joomla 3+ version joomla installations content type pagenavigation plugin has /tmpl folder. For that reason i will explain you how to do the template override for that plugin.

Same as module and component overrides, you need to move the view files from /tmpl folder to your templates /html folder.

You must follow the steps below:

  • check your template folders e.g. if your template name is mytemplate, then check /templates/mytemplate and assure that there is a folder called /html
  • If folder /html is not exist in your templates folder ( /templates/mytemplate ) create /html folder
  • Now you are ready for template override
  • Create a new folder in your templates /html folder for the plugin with group and the plugin name
  • templates/mytemplate/html/plg_content_pagenavigation
  • move the default.php from plugins /tmpl folder

Now you can edit this file and complete your override....