We have an easy to use and compact support system!

Our support system has 3 main parts :

 Before purchasing: Ask questions before purchasing an extension
 After purchasing: Direct Support from developer during your subscription period
 After purchasing: Documentation is provided for every premium extension


 Before purchasing an extension - Ask your questions

If you have any question before you purchasing an extension, you can use the Ask a Question form and ask directly to the extension developer.
Please click on to the image to view the Ask a Question Link
Support before purchasing an extension


 After purchasing an extension - Extension support directly from developer

If you purchased an extension and have a valid subscription, you may use the Submit Support Ticket form and get extension support directly from developer. We will reply your support related question latest in 24 hours.
Please click on to the image to view the Support Link
Support after purchasing an extension


  Documentation, Notes, Explanations

We prepare documentation for our extensions. That can be in the package or as a section in the extension.

In the same time, we explained each extension parameter clearly. You will get short description when you roll your mouse over the parameter titles.
Please click on to the image to view about information, notes and guides.
Roll your mouse over the parameter titles Notes from Developer Installation Guide


Thanks for reading!

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