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Best Web Push Notifications Component Ever

Joomla Web Push Auto for K2 is one of the best Push Notifications Package ever!
You will get a Component and a set of Plugins together with an Installation & Set Up Guide. Below Extensions are in the Package :

  • Component - Web Push Auto Manage Push Notifications, Apps, Users, Schedule Push Notifications, Send Push Notifications
  • Plugin - System - Web Push Subscriber for collecting subscribers. showing prompt message and welcome notification
  • Plugin - K2 - Web Push Auto for sending push notifications automatically when you save a K2 Item.
  • Plugin - Editor-xtd - Button - Web Push Auto creates Send Push Notification button in K2 Item Editor. You can click button and send push notifications for each individual K2 Item.
  • You will also get plugins for Core Joomla Content
  • Plugin - Content - Web Push Auto for sending push notifications automatically when you save a Joomla Article.
  • Plugin - Editor-xtd - Button - Web Push Auto creates Send Push Notification button in Article Editor. You can click button and send push notifications for each individual content. ( com_content or com_flexicontent )

In the same time Component has a Support section which you can find the answers for your setup and installation.

Tested on several websites

After completing the development process, we installed the extension on several client websites, tested and fix the small issues before the first release.

Convert Visitors to Subscribers

Package has a plugin to convert site visitors to subscribers. After enabling this plugin, you will show a sliding prompt message to your website visitors to convert them to subscribers. When a visitor accepts, it shows a welcome message. You may redirect your visitor to another page by adding a Call-back URL to this message.

Send Web Push Notifications via Component Back-end

After completing the initial setup, you will be able to send web push notifications to your subscribers via component's messages section

Scheduled Messages

You can create unlimited messages and schedule the messages to a future date. Your message will be sent automatically when the date is arrived.

View Past Messages

You can view a list of all messages sent and the scheduled.

Message Performance

View performance of a message, number of successful, failed, remaining and clicked messages.

Multiple Apps

You can manage multiple apps from one single component. That means, you can manage your website push notification subscribers together with your website's mobile app installers! Sounds a bit confusing :) No worries, we know that every website need a mobile app version. For that reason we developed this component with a future-vision. In the next days, we will send you more detailed information about that because we developed this component also for the mobile app version of your website!

Subscriber Stats

You can view the total number of all subscribers and total number of message-able subscribers

Subscribers Export

You can download / export subscribers via component back-end as a csv file

Do you need help for Installation & Setup?

Even we prepared a guide for installation and the setup, you may have difficulties. Never hesitate to contact us!!! We are here to assist you and make it working for you!

IMPORTANT: Push Notification Services are powered by OneSignal. OneSignal's Services are 100% Free. Web Push Notifications Auto is developed by Extension Base. Web Push Notifications Auto gives you ability to use OneSignal Web Push Services on your Joomla site without any core hack, easily edit and customize!

K2 Web Push Notifications Auto is released on 05 January 2018
Last Update made on 05 January 2018
Current Version is 1.0.0


Current Version : 1.0.0

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Ivan asked on 18 Sep 2018 - 20:09
Hi. I paid the order. how to get the extension?

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